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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

We pay owners via bank transfer within 5 working days of the following month. We will pay you your shares after deducting the management fee. We will also send you a monthly statement.

How do you calculate your fees?

We only charge for the management fee after the cleaning fee has been deducted. Therefore, we only get paid for the actual reservation cost. This is one reason that makes us different.

Are there any other fees I have to pay to use your services?

To start listing your property with us, there is a one-off setup cost of $250 +GST, and a cost for the initial cleaning of the listing (based on the size of your property). There are no other charges.

Do I have to pay for the cleaning fee, linen laundry and toiletries?

No, you do not. Guests pay for the cleaning fee and that covers our cleaning cost and professional laundry. We supply hotel quality linen, full size toiletries, cleaning products and kitchen pantries. We also believe in paying our cleaners a living wage and they take pride in doing a great job.

How do I know if my property is well taken care of?

We list our homes on Airbnb too when we are away, so we know exactly how it feels to have to put your trust in others. This is why you can opt in to use our cleaning report service (free of charge). We will send you photos of your property each time our cleaners visit your property for cleaning. Our cleaners will also check if there are any damages to the property and we will act accordingly if damages are reported.

Every 3 months, we do a full inspection of the property, which includes checking on every appliance. We also check if there is anything else we can do to increase the appeal of the property. We recommend that you book in for a deep cleaning of the property every 3 months. The cost of this deep clean will be charged to you but this service is optional.

We only earn when you do.

No hidden charges, no further fees. Simple.

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